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FTS4ZB ZigBee™ PC-based Protocol Analyzer and Sniffer

(NOT distributed in North America & Japan.)

Key Facts
Picture FTS4ZB™ ZigBee™ PC-based Protocol Analyzer and Sniffer

FTS4ZB™ (Frontline Test System® for ZigBee™) makes it easier to understand ZigBee™ networks by simultaneously capturing, decoding, and filtering information in realtime. FTS4ZB™ air-sniffs data using the USB-powered ZigBee™ ComProbe®, plus it displays each packet in a variety of formats and detects errors − all live.

Decoding begins at the IEEE 802.15.4 MAC level and goes all the way up to the ZigBee™ stack, the profile level. Packets that contain protocol violations are flagged in red for easy detection of bad messages. And this same powerful decoding engine − which is used by the built-in ZigBee™ decoders − is also available for user-defined decoding of any IEEE 802.15.4-based protocol.

Typical ZigBee™ networks contain dozens − or even hundreds − of devices, making the comprehension of message flow a frightening thought. Moreover, interoperability problems between ZigBee™ implementations used by different vendors need to be analyzed in order to find solutions.

Frontline® products can be purchased from Rohde & Schwarz representatives worldwide except in North America and Japan.

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