R&S®AFQ100A I/Q Modulation Generator

Meeting new challenges in baseband signal generation

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Base Unit
Picture I/Q Modulation Generator
Meeting new challenges in baseband signal generation
Including power cable, Quick Start Guide and CD-ROM (with operating and service manual)
R&S®AFQ100A 1401.3003.02
Baseband Hardware
Waveform Memory 256 Msample R&S®AFQ-B10 1401.5106.02
Waveform Memory 1 Gsample R&S®AFQ-B11 1401.5206.02
Digital I/Q Output R&S®AFQ-B18 1401.5306.02
Baseband Software
Bit Error Ratio Tester R&S®AFQ-K80 1401.5006.02
R&S WinIQSIM2™ Options
GSM/EDGE R&S®AFQ-K240 1401.6302.02
EDGE Evolution R&S®AFQ-K241 1401.6102.02
3GPP FDD R&S®AFQ-K242 1401.6354.02
3GPP FDD Enhanced MS/BS Tests, incl. HSDPA R&S®AFQ-K243 1401.6402.02
GPS R&S®AFQ-K244 1401.6454.02
HSUPA R&S®AFQ-K245 1401.6502.02
CDMA2000® incl. 1xEV-DV R&S®AFQ-K246 1401.6554.02
1xEV-DO Rev. A R&S®AFQ-K247 1401.5958.02
IEEE 802.11 (a/b/g) R&S®AFQ-K248 1401.6602.02
IEEE 802.16 R&S®AFQ-K249 1401.6654.02
TD-SCDMA R&S®AFQ-K250 1401.6702.02
Enhanced R&S®AFQ-K251 1401.6754.02
DVB-T / DVB-H R&S®AFQ-K252 1401.5858.02
IEEE 802.11n R&S®AFQ-K254 1401.5806.02
LTE/EUTRA R&S®AFQ-K255 1401.5906.02
HSPA+ R&S®AFQ-K259 1401.5658.02
Multicarrier CW Signal Generation R&S®AFQ-K261 1401.6802.02
Additive White Gaussian Noise R&S®AFQ-K262 1401.6854.02
GALILEO R&S®AFQ-K266 1415.0330.02
LTE Release 9 + Enhanced Features R&S®AFQ-K284 1415.0253.02
LTE Release 10 / LTE-Advanced R&S®AFQ-K285 1415.0276.02
IEEE 802.11ac R&S®AFQ-K286 1415.0299.03
1xEV-DO Rev. B R&S®AFQ-K287 1415.0353.02
GLONASS R&S®AFQ-K294 1415.0318.02
Digital Modulation Systems using external PC Software
Pulse Sequencer R&S®AFQ-K6 1401.5606.02
Other Options
XM Radio (requires waveforms from XM Radio) R&S®AFQ-K256 1401.6002.02
HD Radio™ Test waveforms
(iBiquity license required;
HD RadioTM is a proprietary trademark of iBiquity Digital Corp.)
R&S®AFQ-K352 1401.6154.02
Recommended Extras
R&S®AFQ100A - Hardcopy Manuals (in English, UK) AFQ100A-Manuals_English, UK 1401.3084.32
R&S®AFQ100A - Hardcopy Manuals (in English, US) AFQ100A-Manuals_English, US 1401.3084.39
Picture 19" Rack Adapter
For mounting a 19" housing 2 RU high in a standard 19" rack
R&S®ZZA-211 1096.3260.00

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