R&S®FSW Signal and Spectrum Analyzer

Setting standards in RF performance and usability

Informação do Pedido
Descrição Tipo Nº Ordem
Base Unit
Picture Signal and Spectrum Analyzer
Setting standards in RF performance and usability
R&S®FSW8 1312.8000K08
R&S®FSW13 1312.8000K13
R&S®FSW26 1312.8000K26
R&S®FSW43 1312.8000K43
R&S®FSW50 1312.8000K50
R&S®FSW67 1312.8000K67
Opções de Hardware
OCXO Precision Reference Frequency R&S®FSW-B4 1313.0703.02
Resolution Bandwidths > 10 MHz
(for R&S®FSW8 / R&S®FSW13 / R&S®FSW26)
R&S®FSW-B8 1313.2464.26
Resolution Bandwidths > 10 MHz
(for R&S®FSW43 / R&S®FSW50 / R&S®FSW67)
R&S®FSW-B8 1313.2464.02
External Generator Control R&S®FSW-B10 1313.1622.02
Highpass Filters for Harmonic Measurements R&S®FSW-B13 1313.0761.02
Digital Baseband Interface R&S®FSW-B17 1313.0784.02
Analog Baseband Inputs
(for R&S®FSW8 / R&S®FSW13)
R&S®FSW-B71 1313.1651.13
Analog Baseband Inputs
(for R&S®FSW26 / R&S®FSW43 / R&S®FSW50)
R&S®FSW-B71 1313.1651.26
Analog Baseband Inputs
(for R&S®FSW67)
R&S®FSW-B71 1313.1651.67
80 MHz Bandwidth for Analog Baseband Inputs R&S®FSW-B71E 1313.6547.02
Spare Solid State Disk (removable hard drive) R&S®FSW-B18 1313.0790.02/06
LO/IF Ports for External Mixers
(for R&S®FSW26)
R&S®FSW-B21 1313.1100.26
LO/IF Ports for External Mixers
(for R&S®FSW43 / R&S®FSW50 / R&S®FSW67)
R&S®FSW-B21 1313.1100.43
Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 8 GHz/13 GHz
(for R&S®FSW8 / R&S®FSW13)
R&S®FSW-B24 1313.0832.13
Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 26 GHz
(for R&S®FSW26)
R&S®FSW-B24 1313.0832.26
Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 43 GHz
(for R&S®FSW43 / R&S®FSW50 / R&S®FSW67)
R&S®FSW-B24 1313.0832.43
Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 50 GHz
(for R&S®FSW50)
R&S®FSW-B24 1313.0832.49
Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 50 GHz
(for R&S®FSW50)
R&S®FSW-B24 1313.0832.51
Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 67 GHz
(for R&S®FSW67)
R&S®FSW-B24 1313.0832.67
Electronic Attenuator, 1 dB steps R&S®FSW-B25 1313.0990.02
USB Mass Memory Write Protection R&S®FSW-B33 1313.3602.02
Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, 160 MHz R&S®FSW-B160R 1325.4850.06
28 MHz Analysis Bandwidth R&S®FSW-B28 1313.1645.02
40 MHz Analysis Bandwidth R&S®FSW-B40 1313.0861.02
80 MHz Analysis Bandwidth R&S®FSW-B80 1313.0878.02
160 MHz Analysis Bandwidth R&S®FSW-B160 1325.4850.04
320 MHz Analysis Bandwidth R&S®FSW-B320 1325.4867.04
500 MHz Analysis Bandwidth R&S®FSW-B500 1313.4296.02
2 GHz Analysis Bandwidth R&S®FSW-B2000 1325.4750.02
Picture Pulse Measurements R&S®FSW-K6 1313.1322.02
Time Side Lobe Measurement R&S®FSW-K6S 1325.3783.02
Analog Modulation Analysis AM/FM/φM R&S®FSW-K7 1313.1339.02
GSM, EDGE, EDGE Evolution and VAMOS measurements R&S®FSW-K10 1313.1368.02
Multicarrier Group Delay Measurements R&S®FSW-K17 1313.4150.02
Amplifier Measurements
Requires R&S®SMW200A Vector Signal Generator
R&S®FSW-K18 1325.2170.02
Noise Figure Measurements R&S®FSW-K30 1313.1380.02
Security Write Protection of solid state drive R&S®FSW-K33 1322.7936.02
Phase Noise Measurements R&S®FSW-K40 1313.1397.02
Picture EMI Measurement
Detecting and eliminating electromagnetic interference
R&S®FSW-K54 1313.1400.02
Transient Measurement Application R&S®FSW-K60 1313.7495.02
Transient Chirp Measurement R&S®FSW-K60C 1322.9745.02
Transient Hop Measurement R&S®FSW-K60H 1322.9916.02
Vector Signal Analysis R&S®FSW-K70 1313.1416.02
3GPP FDD (WCDMA) BS Measurements (incl. HSDPA and HSDPA+) R&S®FSW-K72 1313.1422.02
3GPP FDD (WCDMA) MS Measurements (incl. HSUPA and HSUPA+) R&S®FSW-K73 1313.1439.02
3GPP TDD (TD-SCDMA) BS Measurements R&S®FSW-K76 1313.1445.02
3GPP TDD (TD-SCDMA) UE Measurements R&S®FSW-K77 1313.1451.02
CDMA2000® BS Measurements R&S®FSW-K82 1313.1468.02
CDMA2000® MS Measurements R&S®FSW-K83 1313.1474.02
1xEV-DO BS BS Measurements R&S®FSW-K84 1313.1480.02
1xEV-DO MS BS Measurements R&S®FSW-K85 1313.1497.02
IEEE 802.11a/b/g Measurements R&S®FSW-K91 1313.1500.02
IEEE 802.11p Measurements R&S®FSW-K91P 1321.5646.02
IEEE 802.11n Measurements R&S®FSW-K91N 1313.1516.02
IEEE 802.11ac Measurements R&S®FSW-K91AC 1313.4209.02
EUTRA/LTE FDD BS Measurements R&S®FSW-K100 1313.1545.02
EUTRA/LTE FDD UE Measurements R&S®FSW-K101 1313.1551.02
EUTRA/LTE BS MIMO Measurements R&S®FSW-K102 1313.1568.02
EUTRA/LTE UL Advanced UL Measurements R&S®FSW-K103 1313.2487.02
EUTRA/LTE TDD BS Measurements R&S®FSW-K104 1313.1574.02
EUTRA/LTE TDD UE Measurements R&S®FSW-K105 1313.1580.02
Picture OFDM Vector Signal Analysis Software
For Signal Analyzers and Oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz
requires R&S®FSPC
R&S®FS-K96 1310.0202.06
Picture OFDM Vector Signal Analysis Software
For Signal Analyzers and Oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz
requires R&S®FSPC
R&S®FS‑K96PC 1310.0219.06
Picture EUTRA/LTE and LTE- Advanced Signal Analysis Software
Transmitter measurements on LTE signals
R&S®FS-K100PC/R&S®FS-K101PC/R&S®FS-K102PC/ R&S®FS-K103PC/R&S®FS-K104PC/R&S®FS-K105PC
Picture Distortion Analysis Software
Amplifier modeling and linearization
R&S®FS-K130PC 1310.0090.06
Picture 160 MHz Real-Time Measurement Application POI > 15 μs R&S®FSW-K160RE 1313.7766.02
DOCSIS 3.1 OFDM Downstream R&S®FSW-K192 1325.4138.02
Analysis Bandwidth Upgrade from 28 MHz to 40 MHz R&S®FSW-U40 1313.5205.02
Analysis Bandwidth Upgrade from 40 MHz to 80 MHz R&S®FSW-U80 1313.5211.02
Analysis Bandwidth Upgrade from 80 MHz to 160 MHz R&S®FSW-U160 1325.5337.04
Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
includes analysis bandwidth upgrade from 80 MHz to 160 MHz
R&S®FSW-U160R 1325.5357.06
Analysis Bandwidth Upgrade from 160 MHz to 320 MHz R&S®FSW-U320 1313.7189.02
Analysis Bandwidth Upgrade from 80 MHz to 500 MHz R&S®FSW-U500 1321.6320.02